The freshest seasonal fruits, vegetables, and flowers from local farms

Green Hills Farms started as a fruit and vegetable stand and the produce department continues to be a source of pride for us. Healthy and satisfying food starts with quality produce and we are glad we can offer it to you. We want our customers to enjoy fresh, nutritious, and tasty vegetables, fruits, and nuts.

When possible, we prefer to buy from our local farmers whom we are very proud to support. The Hawkins family was originally in the farming business right up the road so we understand the value of fresh local produce. The stand marked the beginning of the grocery business that Clifford and Keith Hawkins started, and the hut in the Produce Department is a replica of that original stand. The hut is a place where our employees work to give you more selection, by cutting fruits and vegetables into ready to eat portions. Let our employees do the work, and you can enjoy your time and your food!

Fruit and vegetable trays can be ordered in our department, as well as baskets. We offer fruit baskets as well as themed gift baskets. They can be purchased on the store floor at holiday time, but can be ordered anytime. Call this department to discuss ideas so you will have a special gift basket you are proud to give.

We also sell flowers in the Produce Department. Fresh bouquets of flowers are available everyday while festive floral arrangements are brought in during the holiday seasons. Plants are also sold in this department at various times of the year. If you are looking for a gift for someone, be sure to look in the Produce Department. You might find unique gift items in the form of plants.

For the Produce Department, call (315) 492-1707 ext. 147.