Find the premium brands you trust, plus local and specialty products not available in other stores

The Grocery Department at Green Hills sells what customers want and need to buy. One reason why people like to shop here is because they can often find items that other stores do not carry. We offer traditional favorites along with new items to try. We support local businesses and provide space in our store for their products as well.

We have a Dairy section in the store for cheese, eggs, butter, yogurt, puddings, milk and juices. There is also a cheese case which holds locally made cheese and specialty kinds of cheese. Our Frozen Foods are found in freezer cases in the middle of the store, which include ice cream, desserts, fruits and vegetables, and frozen meals.

A huge selection of beer and great discounts is found at Green Hills. We offer samples twice a month. We also sell a variety of other alcoholic beverages such as wine coolers and hard cider. All kinds of soda and waters and juices are also available.

We sell food, and non-foods, such as kitchen supplies and cleaning supplies, books, magazines, writing supplies, cards, balloons, and gift wrap, pet food, paper products, and health and beauty supplies. We meet the needs of infants and toddlers along with a variety of dietary needs, such as alternate choices of milk and gluten-free food. We sell special products that are only sold at holiday time such as candy, cookies, baking products, and beverages.

Green Hills is recognized for its service to customers. Employees of the Grocery Department are available on the floor to help find customers locate items on their shopping list, or to answer questions about the products. They are also happy to take requests. Green Hills will try to get a requested product into the store and on our shelves. As long as the product sells, it will continue to be carried on the shelves. We are here to provide for our customers. Our goal is to sell what our customers want to buy.

There is a directory of the store located in various areas throughout the store, as well as signs above the aisles. We have tried to put items in locations that make sense (salad dressings near the lettuce, ketchup and mustard in the meat aisle, kitchen accessories with cleaning supplies, peanut butter near the bread) but if one has a hard time finding an item, an employee will be glad to help find the product. As always, the Courtesy Center is also available to answer any questions, find someone who will have the information you need, or take requests or messages.

We trust you will find what you need in our store. If not, please let us know. We are here to help service your needs.

For the Grocery Department, please call at (315) 492-1707.