• High quality, fresh meat (beef, chicken, pork cut throughout the day, every day by our Meat Cutters)
  • Color coded chart so you know which Meat Cutter prepared your meat
  • Individual service is available so you can have your meat cut the way you want it
  • Aged USDA Choice Black Angus Beef
  • No fillers or additives in our ground beef
  • Specialty and prepared items like gourmet hamburgers and chicken burgers, meatballs, spiedies, blended sausage, chicken and beef spiedies, and shish kabobs are always available in the case
  • Names you know and trust (such as Gianelli, Hofmann, Shady Brook Farms, Bob Evans)
  • Knowledgeable, friendly, and available employees to assist you and answer your questions

Green Hills Farms Meat Department is trusted by many for our high quality meat.  Many customers will only shop for meat at Green Hills because they know the meat will always be fresh and is cut every day, all day by our very own Meat Cutters.  You can see them at work through the windows.   If you have a special request, they are more than happy to cut the meat the way you need it.


Not only are the Meat Cutters in the back room of the Meat Department, there are also employees from the Meat Department who work on the floor.  Our customers appreciate the friendly and helpful employees, not just for requests but also for their advice, suggestions, and ideas.  They have a lot of experience in their field and know all about the different cuts of beef, steak, ribs, sausage, ground beef, pork tenderloin and chops, chicken, and turkey choices.


We also carry brand names you know and trust.  When shopping in the Meat Department you will see Hofmann, Bob Evans, Jack Daniels, Dinosaur, Sugardale Hams, Shady Brook  Farms Turkey, and Gianelli sausage.   We have refrigerated cases as well as freezer cases to contain all of our available products.


Green Hills Meat department carries prepared food that has been created in the back room.  Customers have been very pleased with the gourmet hamburgers, chicken burgers, and blended kinds of sausages.  To help you save time with your food preparation, we also offer shish-kabobs, meatballs, and cut up stewing beef.


The Meat Department is glad to take orders.  Holiday time is an especially important time for this but feel free to call anytime with questions or orders.



Call the Meat department at (315) 492-1707 ext. 121.