• Deli Salads
  • Side dishes
  • Deli meats/cold cuts, featuring the Kretschmar label but including several brand names
  • Meat sliced to the thickness of your choosing
  •  Roast beef and roast pork cooked in our very own kitchen
  • Rotisserie chicken
  • Assorted kinds of cheese

The Delicatessen at Green Hills Farm Store is recognized for its fresh salads.  They are cooked and assembled on a daily basis in our kitchen.  People come from miles away to buy our potato, macaroni, chicken, Italian pasta and other salads.  We have been serving these salads for decades and our recipes have earned quite the reputation.  Included in our Deli Case, with an excellent reputation as well, are other side dishes and desserts.


You will be sure to find the meat of your choice in our well stocked case.  We offer a variety of selections and know you’ll be pleased with the quality of the brands.  While Kretschmar is one of our most popular brands, we sell  other high quality products as well (Hofmann, Boar’s Head, and Butter Ball are a few).   The reputable Green Hills service is available for you, to try a sample and to choose how thick you want your meat sliced.  We roast our own beef and pork right here in the store kitchen, and we have a chicken rotisserie as well.  We also carry several kinds of cheese.


Deli platters, meat trays, and salads are available for parties – just contact us with your request.  We will be glad to help you with your special occasion.


For the Deli Department, call (315) 492-1707 ext. 124.