In 1925 on Rte 80, Carrie Hawkins sold vegetables on the road next to the family farm.   The family farm was a dairy farm.  Her little stand was so successful that the family was encouraged to plant more crops and open a stand on the busier route (Rte. 11) just down the road.   Her son, Clifford, had the stand built in 1934.     This stand was named by Clifford’s wife, Gladys.  As she looked out of her kitchen window at the hills surrounding the family farm, she declared that the little business should be called the Green Hills Farm Stand.   Clifford would go to the market where he could purchase produce to sell with vegetables from his crops.   Keith (Clifford and Gladys’ son) grew up working with his father, enjoying the trips to the market and learning a great deal by watching his father do business with other farmers.  That little Green Hills Farm Stand attracted a lot of business and earned a wonderful reputation for itself.  In the summer of 1949, the barn that housed the cows at their dairy farm caught fire (no animals were hurt; they were out in the fields) It was at that time they decided to sell the dairy business and go into the grocery business.  The stand grew into a small building and went beyond selling the well-loved sweet corn, tomatoes and other produce; it now also sold bread and milk and was open 12 months a year.  Keith continued to work with his father through his college years at Syracuse University, and even though large companies wanted to hire him, Keith had only one desire.  He wanted to stay with the family business.  As the business grew, the building became more of a grocery store.  In the 50’s, it grew to be a supermarket and carried a wide assortment of groceries that included a meat department, bakery and other merchandise.   The store continued to grow through the 60’s and the 70’s, to what it is today.  Green Hills did a lot of growing and there were and will be changes through the years.  The service and treatment of customers, however, has always been the same, and will never change.  Clifford and Keith passed their values on to their employees so that all customers will be treated with warmth and respect.  It is the basis of what Green Hills stands for and what generates the friendly and helpful atmosphere in the store.   Serving the customers is the mission.  Dedicated customers have shopped here for many years and they are very proud of this store.  These customers are an important and loyal part of the store’s history.   Green Hills Farms is celebrating their 80th anniversary this year.  There are reasons it has lasted for so many years.  People like to be at Green Hills.  They like to shop here.  They are grateful for the variety of services that are offered at the store.  Come shop at Green Hills farms and appreciate the differences between this independent grocery store and a chain supermarket.  Come see why it’s still here after 80 years!